10 Photos That Will Inspire You to Organize Your Kids’ Closet ASAP

kids closet

Our OC-self loves these.

Every parent would know how utterly adorable and cute kids’ dresses and stuff are. So much so that it’s quite hard to stop from buying more every time. Unfortunately, closet space can be limiting. So instead of just dumping your kiddo’s clothes in any available cupboard or box, here are a few photos that would inspire you and give you a few ideas on how to organize your kids’ closets.

  1. Multiple rows of hangers would be perfect for a number of dresses and tops.
Kids Closet
Photo Credit: Houzz
  1. Aside from multiple hangers, a number of drawers and baskets in shelves would provide an organized way to store clothes and a number of small items such as bibs, towels, and cloth diapers.
Kids closet
Photo Credit: I Heart Organizing
  1. We love this pegboard idea, as it would be great to hang toys and other items.
kids closet
Photo Credit: Slippers by Day
  1. Maximize your kids’ cabinet drawer space with this folding method.
kids closet
Photo Credit: Live Renewed
  1. Here’s a great idea for a non-permanent organized closet solution with no construction or painting.
kids closet
Photo Credit: Polished Habitat

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