This 18 Year-Old Girl Is Helping Homeless Women In A Way That Will Shock You!


There are millions of organizations around the world that are helping homeless people in their own special ways. But what makes this girl’s organization stand out?

Read on to see how she is changing the world!

Nadya Okamoto is Freshman in Harvard and founded a non-profit organization that helps homeless women around the world by distributing menstrual hygiene products to them.

What sparked her advocacy was when she and her mother became homeless as well when her mom lost the job.

Nadya said that one of the problems she had at this time of her life was every time that she will have her period.


She missed days and classes in school because she wasn’t able to prepare for her period.

She was also able to talk to a lot of homeless women who said that they even use brown grocery bags or socks as their pads for when it’s time for their monthly period. This can cause them infections.

Nadya was deeply affected by this that when her family got back to their feet again, she began founding an organization that now reaches out to thousands of people around the world.

Her organization is making noise online and this will cause people to be more aware of this matter.

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