3 Easy Recipes to Make with your Kids that Everyone will Enjoy!


Enjoy cooking in the kitchen with your kids this Christmas. Here are a few recipes that you can make together!

  1. Apple Pie Cookie Kit

This one is perfect for gifts to the people that you adore. It also looks very pretty, everyone will surely love it. Plus, you can cook it in 20 minutes!

Click here for the full recipe!

  1. Rudolph Shortbread


Make the cutest shortbread and let the kids enjoy and be creative while making this recipe.

Click here for the instructions!

  1. Christmas Tree Pops

Baking these with your young ones will surely spark their creativity. This chocolate sponge is perfect as a desert for your family Christmas dinner!

Click here for the original recipe!

Bonding with your kids in the kitchen will surely improve your relationship and make your Christmas even more special!

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