8 Inspired DIY Christmas Gifts Everyone Will Love

DIY Christmas gifts

Wake up the DIY diva inside you in time for the Holidays.

Are you at a loss over what to give that friend who has everything? Then try out these DIY creative gifts that everyone will surely love and appreciate. Plus you get to de-stress as well so it’s a win-win situation, right? Right. Here we go.

  1. Mugs are a meeh gift (sorry, but it’s true). So why not up the mug gift’s ante a bit by personalizing it. Here’s a cute idea.
Diy Christmas gifts
Photo Credit: Good and Messy
  1. Love homemade beauty products? Spread the love with your very own homemade sugar scrub – perfect for those girl friends who have everything. Instructions here.
DIY Christmas gifts
Photo Credit: Creative Green Living
  1. What about for those nephews and nieces who already have all the toys ever sold? Gift them with their very own snowman. Instructions here.
DIY Christmas gifts
Photo Credit: Repeat Crafter Me
  1. Do you always get stuck thinking of gifts for the grandparents? Gift them their grandchildren’s funny faces with these fun photo bookmarks. Just imagine the grannies’ reactions whenever they see these in their books, and also imagine how much fun that photo shoot will be. Instructions here.
DIY Christmas gifts
Photo Credit: Redfly Creations

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