9 Make Ahead Jar Salads You Can Take and Eat Anywhere

jar salad

For your healthy-eating goals this year.

We’re here to help you with your healthier diet goals this year. So instead of going out for fast food, here are a few packed salads you can take with you anywhere.

  1. If you’re still adjusting to a mostly veggie diet, you can take it easy a bit with this chicken bacon ranch mason jar salad. Recipe here.
Jar salad
Photo Credit: My Recipe Magic
  1. This chicken salad with creamy no-mayo dressing is a favorite for those who aren’t that keen on mayonnaise. Recipe here.
jar salad
Photo Credit: Kristine’s Kitchen
  1. Satisfy your Asian food craving with this crunchy Asian chicken salad. Recipe here.
jar salad
Photo Credit: Sweet Peas and Saffron
  1. For your pesto craving, you can try out this wheat berry and blistered tomato salad with basil-almond pesto. Recipe here.
jar salad
Photo Credit: Floating Kitchen
  1. Aside from Asian, you can also satisfy your Mexican food cravings with this southwestern chicken fajita salad. Recipe here.
jar salad
Photo Credit: MJ and Hungryman

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