This Amazing Dog Jut Saved Her Pups From Starving To Death!


Photo content from the Daily Mail.

Nothing stopped this injured dog from being a mom when she led the vets to her pups in a two-mile walk even with her broke leg!

They say that mother knows best and it couldn’t be more true when this mummy greyhound led her founders to her pups who are waiting for her!



Lianne Powell found the Vera, the mummy greyhound in the streets and immediately took her to the nearest veterinarian.

But as Ellen Sorby, the veterinarian examined her, she noticed that Vera is producing milk which could only mean that she gave birth to pups not long ago.

Ellen said:

‘She had a broken leg, was bleeding from the back end and I saw she had milk, so I thought “well where are the puppies?”.

‘We put a collar and long lead on her and took her back to the market. Then we just followed her for about 3km – she knew where she was going.

‘She led us to them, it was incredible – I couldn’t believe what I saw.’

Vera led them to an abandoned car with 10 healthy and fat puppies inside which shocked them!

According to Ellen, the winter season is a really hard time for Greyhounds in Spain as their owners usually throw them away to get new ones for the new hunting season.


Lianne said : ‘At one point we worried she just trying to find her home but after 3km she turned up a tiny muddy track and led us under a thick hedge and into an abandoned house before crossing the yard and making her way into a car.’


This miraculous moment just showed that nothing can ever stop a mother’s love.


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