Amazing Girl Who Lost 132 Lbs Of Her Body Weight In Just A Year!


Photo content from The Daily Mail.

Katy Parker is a 28 year old nurse from Perth who lost 132 pounds of her weight in one year!

After realizing that she no longer have the energy to keep up with her job, Katy decided to undergo a Gastric Sleeve Surgery which her mom was very supportive about.

After a year of her operation, her 286 Lb body became a smoking 156 pound figure!

Weight is really a big confidence factor for women. Katy had a very low confidence because of her weight and admitted that the last time she went swimming to the beach is when she was just 11 years old.


But now that Katy is loving her new body, she said that she can finally go to a beach, which she has never done for the last 17 years!

After Katy’s surgery, she maintained her body by running regularly.

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