Amazing Women Who Will Change Your Mind About Imperfection


“Women should be two things: classy and fabulous”

– Coco Channel

These 7 women will prove to us that no matter what our flaws are, we can be classy and fabulous in our own ways.

Check out how they conquered their weaknesses and turned them into their strengths while changing how the world defines beauty.

  1. Winnie Harlow

This girl with a skin condition called Vitiligo since she was 4 years old. But it never stopped her to reach her dreams as a professional model!

  1. Viktoria Modesta

She is the first amputee pop artist of the world!

  1. Madeline Stuart

She worked so hard and it eventually paid off!

Because now, she is the world’s first model with Down Syndrome        

  1. MOFFY

This woman defied the rules and became a model even if she’s a cross eyed girl. She’s so talented that she was signed after just one shoot! 

  1. Masha Tyelna

This girl with big “alien” eyes conquered the runway for big fashion houses!

  1. Diandra Forrest

She is the first model and activist with Albinism who is signed by a major modeling agency.

  1. Denis Bidot

This plus size woman is the first plus size model to walk the runway!

These girls are a living proof that no matter how much the world tells us that we can’t, we still can.

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