Awesome Bathroom Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier!


Our bathroom is a part of our house which we want to be always clean and tidy, but most of the time, it just turns into a mess.

Scroll down to find out about these awesome Life hacks that you can use for a more organized and cleaner bathroom!


  1. Folding your towels like they do in hotels!

  1. Using rubber bands for using shampoos economically.

  1. Use soaps neatly by putting rubber bands!

  1. Bottle caps as toothbrush holders!

  1. Toothpaste and sponge for washing the faucet and the basin.

  1. Clean out the rust by using ketchup!

  1. Clean the close stool using a flat cola!

  1. Wipe off the mildew using potatoes!!

  1. Vinegar and Baking soda for cleaning the tiles! (don’t forget to use a mask and open the window when you use this trick!)

Go to the next page to watch the video that explains how to do all of these step by step!

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