Awesome Dad Just Had The Fight Of His Life With A Scary Kangaroo!


Photo content from the Daily Mail.

What supposed to be a really fun and exciting family camp for Christmas Eve turned into a nightmare with a terrifying Kangaroo attack.

Matthew Chenhall and his two daughters Holly and Amelia, were just having lunch while camping in a land owned by his father-in-law.

They decided to walk along a river when they were stopped by a two-meter-tall male eastern grey Kangaroo.


Fortunately, the girls’ dad is just walking right behind them when the wild animal appeared.


Frightened Amelia threw her sausage sandwich at it when the animal became aggressive, in hopes that it was after the food but it didn’t go away.

Just when the wild kangaroo started growling and hissing, Matthew took the chance to get between the animal and his frightened daughters.

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