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Happy journaling!

Are you determined to get your life more organized than the last? Well, 2017 is just starting and now is the right time to crack open and start that new planner or journal. If you’re still in the lookout for the perfect planner for your needs, we have a recommendation for you: bullet journal.

What is a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is basically a customizable journal – you can make one and all you need is any notebook and some pens. The main idea is you jot down quick notes or bullet points – hence the term “bullet journal”.

To start you off, here are some basic parts of any bullet journal:


Index: a table of contents that you can update as you go

Daily log: includes stuff you need to do each day (plus other stuff you want to remember/take note of)

Monthly log: traditional monthly calendar – which can provide you a quick glimpse of stuff you need to do or go to

Rapid logging: symbols that you set so you can get everything done

Future log: year-at-a-glance calendar for your events, goals, etc.

Of course, using, including or customizing any of these parts will be entirely up to you. The main selling point of bullet journals is you can customize it and make a system that will perfectly work for you.

To better inspire you, we’ve trolled Instagram to bring you beautiful spreads and pages of bullet journals.

Daily log:

Last half of last year! 🎉☺

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Monthly log:

Future log:

Learn How You Can Customize Everything On The Next Page…

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