This Brave Mom And Her Tough Baby Is Our Fighter Of The Day!


Giving birth is never easy. Our mothers spent 10 months of their lives carrying us in their wombs and even had to risk their own lives just to get us out and give birth.

And Louiser Chapman is one of those women who had a traumatizing experience of giving birth.

It is an experience that she will never forget.



Photo content from Huffington Post UK.

While going through her labor several weeks earlier than expected, her placenta got detached from her uterine wall which caused mass hemorrhaging.

The doctors decided to perform an emergency C-section for her but no one expected her to be allergic to common antibiotics.

Chapman died for seven minutes, but that was just the beginning of her story.

Because after waking up from a 10-day coma, she suffered from a short-term memory loss that she couldn’t even remember giving birth to her second daughter Olivia.

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