This Cat-Dog Fur-Siblings is the Sweetest Thing You’ll See

fur siblings

This might just be the sweetest fur-siblings you’ll see on the Internet.

It has been common knowledge for so long that cats and dogs have a longstanding rivalry. Countless movies and cartoon have portrayed the two animals always going at each other’s throats, so seeing a cat and dog so obviously caring for each other can be the sweetest thing.

Meet Bubba the pit bull.

Bubba is a rescue. His human adopted him from a shelter in Phoenix around six years ago when he was just three months old. Since then, his human noticed that he’s sweet and got along well with cats, so recently, she surprised him with a baby sister – a cat named Rue!


Rue is an adorable kitten who was rescued from a shelter in Brooklyn. Just see how sweet these two are with each other, and with their similar color, they can easily pass off as siblings, albeit of different species.

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