Cat Pulls Off a Hachiko – Spends Nights on Owner’s Grave


Almost all of us are familiar with the story of Hachiko – the Akita dog who is quite famous for his unwavering loyalty to his owner. Hachiko made headlines when he continued waiting for his owner in the train station for 9 years after his owner had passed. Perhaps pets and their owners do share a special bond that can last even until death, because this time, in Central Java, Indonesia, a cat professes the same kind of loyalty to her owner.

Hachiko cat
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28-year old Keli Kinangau Prayitno adopted a heather-grey cat, but then he noticed that his new cat would leave home for a couple of hours each day. Curious, he followed his pet and discovered that the feline would go home to her previous owner – Kundari’s home. There, Kundari’s children would feed her, and after, the cat would then visit Kundari – in her grave – quietly meowing and rolling around the dirt. Prayitno also soon discovered that the cat would sneak away every night to spend the night also by her former owner’s grave.

It’s truly heartwarming to see the friendship and bond between humans and their pets.

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