The Cheat Sheet That Will Make You THE Ultimate Secret Santa of the Season!


It’s that time of the year again when you’ll be attending family reunions, corporate Christmas parties, Christmas parties with your friends, and sometimes another Christmas party with your old colleagues.

Now we know that one of the most difficult parts of preparing for these social gatherings, aside from picking out the perfect outfit, is preparing the best gift for everyone, especially when it is time to be a Secret Santa.

So here is our compilation of Christmas gift ideas that won’t make you break the bank and at the same time be the best Secret Santa ever!

  1. For your parents, give them a sentimental gift just like a framed family picture. This will definitely make them teary-eyed so be sure to prepare yourself for some hugging and kissing time!

family2. For your brother, why not give him a “World’s okay-est brother” mug that he can use every day. This will surely make him miss you more!



3. For your nephews, cousins and even your boyfriend, you can give them a socks subscription that they can anticipate every month. Who doesn’t want free socks every month?!


4. For your sisters and girl squad, make them love you by giving them a spa voucher of their favorite spa parlor or a trusty foldable pair of flats for when their feet hurts after wearing those heels.



5. For your forever single friends, give them a boyfriend pillow that will make them love sleeping even more without the sometimes annoying sweaty cuddles!


For more of these ideas, check out this 100 gift ideas video by Sierra Schultzzie!

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