This Clever Couple’s Baby Photo Shoot Is Too Cute It Will Blow Your Mind!


Photo content from Buzzfeed.

Are you tired of hearing the same questions again when you go to your family reunions or when you go out with your old colleagues?

Your parents are probably asking you this question a lot:

“So, when are you going to have a baby?”


This couple took the matters into their own hands in the funniest (but adorable) way!

Photos by Elisha Minnette Photography.

Matt and Abby are tired of hearing this question from their in-laws and decided to make a puppy photo shoot instead of a baby photo shoot with their new dog!

And the internet has gone crazy about it!

Their photographer Elisha Minnette was the one who suggested the photo shoot when they were driving home from the breeder where they picked up Humphrey.

And it’s the cutest way to welcome a new baby puppy in their life!

Minnette says that Abby and her always had the same sense of humor that’s why they both loved the idea of having a family photo shoot with the cute dog.

When the photographer uploaded the photo on her Facebook page, the photos just became viral. And they couldn’t believe how people adored their creative idea!

They say that we will be seeing more of Humphrey and everyone just couldn’t wait for that!

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