These Are The Colours That You Should Look Out For This Year!


Photo content from Elle Décor.

Surprise your guests with painting your home with your personality this year!

If you want to know how, read on!

According to Behr, interior designers will be more adventurous with the colors to paint in your home. Because this year, it’s not just color but colors that will perfectly describe your personality.

Sounds fun and exciting right?!


Here some of the colors and their equivalent personality types from Elle Décor’s list!

Get ready to paint your home with your personality!


  1. For The Confident


  • Dusky Blue

  • Blue-Green

  • Sunshine Yellow


  1. For the Composed


  • Mineral Gray

  • Light Blue-green

  • Earthy Green and Taupe Beige

  1. For the Comfortable


  • Powdery Blue

  • Pastel Pink

  • Dusted Yellow


Are you ready to start painting?

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