Creative Hobbies to Try Out for a Productive 2017


Have a happy, creative year!

It’s the start of 2017, and if one of your resolutions is to get more creative and to do something more productive with your time other than troll the Internet, then we have the list just for you.

Here’s a few creative hobbies you can try your hand out for the year.

  1. Bullet journaling
Photo Credit: Gurl

We’ve share bullet journal inspirations before, and the good thing about this is that it is both a creative and practical hobby. Output for creative juices? Check. Keeping your life organized? Check. Double win for us. You can start here.

  1. Brush lettering
creative hobby
Photo Credit: Our Best Bites

If you regularly troll Instagram, then you’re bound to have seen the countless videos and photos of beautiful handwritten works of art. This is brush lettering, and it covers hand lettering, script lettering, modern calligraphy, and a number of other styles. The good news is, anyone can learn it, as there are also a number of how to videos on YouTube. Plus, just think of the number of handwritten and personalized cards you can do for your loved ones. You can start here.

  1. Knitting
creative hobby
Photo Credit: Ideal Me

If you’ve wanted to make your own beanies, scarves, mittens, or even amigurumis, then now is a good time to start as any. You can start your knitting journey here.

  1. Quilling
creative hobby
Photo Credit: Mainely Quilling

Quilling or paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of paper strips, which are then rolled, shaped and glued together to form various shapes and decorative designs. You can start here.

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