This Is The Cutest Way Of Organizing Your Room!

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Whether you’re a teacher or just a mom who needs some organization in your room, this list will surely help you without the big costs!

  1. Chair Feet Cover

The screeching of chairs just annoys everyone. But the good news is that your problem will be solved with these tennis balls!

Just cut a hole for the legs to fit in!



  1. Crate Stools for Extra Seats

You might need to improvise and find more seats for more kids.

You can also do this for your kid’s play room to add something that is both cute and useful!

Photo content from Buzzfeed.

  1. Wine Rack For Pens And Pencils

This is a classy way of organizing your colored pens or pencils!

You can even sort them by color!

Just place cups in your usual wine rack and it’s all done!

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