Dad Draws Beautiful Lunch Bag Art to Help Out Son

daddy lunch bag art

We wouldn’t throw any of these paper bags away.

Parents would do just about anything to help their kids out – and Daddy Dominic Cabalo is no different.

Three years ago, Daddy Dominic noticed that his son, Nicholas tends to be shy among other kids in elementary school. So he used his superpowers to help him out – his artistic superpower that is – he drew elaborate illustrations of popular cartoon characters or heroes on Nicholas’ paper lunch bags.


Daddy Dominic told Huffington Post:

I noticed [Nicholas] was a bit shy when it came to talking to others. So by creating a piece of artwork to ‘break the ice,’ kids would come up to him and start talking and hopefully a conversation, or better yet, a new friendship would start.

And it looks like Nicholas, who’s now in middle school, is super appreciative and happy about Daddy Dominic’s artworks – as he still asks the latter to draw on his lunch bags. Nicholas also sometimes put in character requests, or Daddy Dominic draws inspiration from current events, such as this beautiful portrait of Princess Leia that he drew as a tribute to Carrie Fisher.

Click next to see more of Daddy Dominic’s lunch bag art.

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