This Dad Gave Something Special to Squirrels Makes Internet Happy


Look at those tiny presents!

Parents would go to great lengths just to cheer up their kids. And dad Paul Chesnaye is no different.

Early this December, the family experienced an unspecified family tragedy – so daddy Paul decided that his daughter needed a bit of cheering up. And he did this by preparing tiny Christmas gifts for squirrels – which are frequent visitors where the family lived.

His daughter shared the photos in Twitter and it was the cutest thing. Apparently, it cheered up a lot more people as the post has been shared 91,000 times and got 220,000 likes.


What’s in the presents you ask? Daddy Paul said, “We had some Brazil nuts, some peanuts, almonds, and cashews.”

Photo Credit: Lucy/Twitter


They had a real selection so it was a special Christmas present!

And the important thing, daddy Paul’s kind gesture paid off as the whole thing boosted his family’s spirits during the Holidays. He said, “My daughter said the reaction to her tweet has been incredible, but this is all new to me… My family is used to me being nutty at times.”

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