Dad Trolls Daughter on Instagram – Gets More Popular Than Her

Troll Dad
Photos from: Chris Martin's Instagram

Meet creative parenting in the age of social media.

So what do you do when your teenage daughter posts racy – or eyebrow-raising inducing photos in her social media accounts? Do you:

A. Forbid her to go into social media even if she says, “All my friends and everyone on this planet are on it.”

B. Lock her up in her room with no outside communication until she turns 40.

C. Troll her on social media.


For Chris Burr Martin, the answer is simple: C. And although his daughter Cassie takes good selfies, dad Chris is getting all the attention – at 120,000 he has double his daughter’s followers on Instagram. And you have to admit; his versions of his daughter’s photos somehow highlight how incredulous some of today’s selfie poses can be. Not to mention that they are utterly hilarious. Just take a look:


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