This Dog Is So Excited To See His Human and He Just Can’t Hide It!


Have you ever been so excited to see someone you jump up and down at the sight of his or her face? Well this cuddly poodle knows exactly how you feel!

(Be Sure You Go To The *Next Page* To Watch This Hilarious Video!)

This toy poodle has been left all day by his owner in the dog day care. And when he sees his owner’s face, he just jumped and danced so excitedly he forgot he’s a dog!

He’s so adorable that even his ears are moving along with his cuteness. Imagine coming home to this cutie! There would never be a boring day for you.


Go watch his video on the next page… Its Hilarious!

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Angela Reynolds

This video is so bogus…No dog jumps and runs in place on 2 legs like that, it’s just not possible!!