These Dogs Will Charm You With Their Sweetness!


Cats compared to dogs are usually the ones who want to constantly seat on your lap. And that’s not a problem if your cat always wants that because they’re not that heavy and sometimes you won’t even feel their weight on you.

But what would happen if these dogs are the ones who’s always asking for cuddles or climbing on to your lap?

I know. They’re humongous.

Meet Ralphie and BOSS!


They are the gentle giants that Joshua Fisher together with his wife Bee adopted last 2014.

They were just starting their family in Longbeach California when they decided to adopt their first Newfoundland dog Ralphie.

They say that they wanted dogs that are good with the kids. So they decided to adopt Ralphie. Not long after, Joshua convinced his wife to adopt another one which brought in their second bear dog BOSS.

And now they are a family of 7. With two bear giant dogs and three little kids Lenox, Cruz, and Tegan.

Because of their dogs’ gentleness, they instantly became a celebrity on Instagram and basically everywhere they go. The owners said that people are always taking pictures with them or wants to pet them.

I wouldn’t blame them. That fur looks so soft plus, they are very cuddly dogs!

Ralphie and BOSS are possibly the gentlest giants you’ll ever see. Don’t believe me?

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