This Is the Dream Island of Every Cat Person in the World


Every cat person’s paradise is Aoshima Island in Japan. This island is not your ordinary island, because the number of cats in this place outnumbers the human population in this place at a 6:1 ratio.

Imagine being able to surround yourself with those gentle furry creatures. And you don’t just get 3 of them, but 6 of them!

Aoshima is only one of the eleven islands of Japan where cats outnumber people. The rise in the number of felines in this island was brought by when people started to breed them to catch mice that would often plague the fishermen’s boats.

Aoshima’s human population used to be 900 in the year 1945 but it is said to be that the present population plays only around 15 this year.  And this also caused the number of cats to uncontrollably increase as there is no one who tried to prevent their breeding.

But if you are a cat person, Aoshima Island would definitely be one of the top places on your list when you go to Japan because hundreds of cats will surround you right after you take a step inside their small territory.


Watch the short video to have a little tour of this Neko Island!

Video content from UNILAD.

Travelers who had been to this island said that the locals are very open to the tourists and they don’t mind people going around their small island, but they also want to be left in peace.

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