Easy And Amazingly Good DIY Ideas For Lazy Crafters


Photo contents from Buzzfeed.

These DIY projects might just motivate the laziest crafters to do these because they are just that easy!

  1. Customized Sharpie Mug

This one requires your creativity with using sharpies. You can do anything from a simple calligraphy or a doodle that will bring color to your boring mugs.

  1. DIY Work out tank

If you love going out to the gym, this can be a really useful DIY for you. Just cut away and voilá!


You now have a new work out tank to flaunt in the gym!

  1. Ombre nails using a sponge

This DIY is for the girls who just love keeping their nails colorful but doesn’t have the time or money to go to an expensive nail salon. We’ve got your back girl!

Here’s a video of how to do it.

  1. Floating bookshelves for the bookworms!

This is the dream for all bookworms out there. You should try this unique bookshelf that will make everyone jealous.

Click here for the tutorial.

  1. Photo on a wood

This is the most amazing (but still easy) DIY on this list. You might want to try it and give it as a gift for someone this Christmas!

For more of these DIY projects, click Buzzfeed’s story here!

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