EGG-Citing Tricks And Life Hacks That Can Be Useful In The Kitchen!


Eggs are a must have for every family’s kitchen.

We use it for almost every dish but sometimes, it can also be very hard for someone to master handling this tricky element in the kitchen.

So here are a few tricks that will surely make your life easier while cooking.

  1. How To Spot Very Old Eggs

Submerge the egg in a bowl or container full of water. See if the egg floats or if it stays at the bottom. If it is floating, it means that the egg is very old and you shouldn’t eat that.

  1. Sunny side up Breakfast Sandwich

This Egg sandwich is not your ordinary sandwich!


Try and make your kids’ mornings extraordinary by taking out the middle part of your sandwich. Toast it in the pan and carefully crack the egg right into the hole in the middle of the sandwich. Patiently wait for it to cook and then flip it to toast the other side as well!

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