This Is How You Find An Unrelated Twin!


Photo content from Buzzfeed.

Have you ever thought of another person having the same facial features and the same smile as yours?

I know, freakishly awesome right?

Meet Santana Gutierrez, 17, currently studying in UC San Diego California.


This girl had a once in a lifetime chance to meet her doppelgänger (or twin) when she went to a mall in San Diego last September.


Santana said that a lot of things had to happen for them to meet each other that day because the mall where they met wasn’t the closest to her. She just drove there because the mall has an Apple store.

While Santana and her friend were walking in the mall, Isobel, who’s working for Save the Children fund approached them and asked if they want to know about the organization.


But all of Santana’s attention were fixed on Isobel’s face as she realized how alike their faces are!

Isobel quickly noticed the resemblance too and they had a good laugh about it.


The two girls took a photo with each other and exchanged contact information to keep in touch with each other.


After the unusual incident, Santana tweeted their photo and it has now gone viral with over 20,000 retweets!

What they weren’t expecting was to find three other girls who looks exactly like them!


Lexi Maurins tweeted Santana a picture of her friend @allyholtt who looked like a twin to the other girls!


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