A Former Architect Quits His Job To Be A Shepherd And His Experience Will Make You Want To Be One!


Photo content from the Daily Mail.

Meet Marco Sgarbi, the architect who quit his job in the city to be a shepherd in the mountains. Find out why he did it and his experience!

Sgarbi ended up working for a cheese farm in Radicondoli with dogs, sheep, and a camera to accompany her in his quiet life.

In an interview with MailOnline Travel, he said: ‘All I could see in the city was waste – people wasting food, wasting energy on jobs that don’t make them happy. I’m much better off in the mountains and among animals.’


Even though he didn’t have any experience with being a shepherd before, Sgarbi is so fond of the mountain life and turned to photography while he is enjoying his new quiet life.

His photos shows the beauty of his every day life in the mountains.

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