Get 2017 Off to a Great Start with These 15 Parenting Resolutions

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Here’s to a great year!

Happy New Year dear parents! Whether it is eating healthy, exercising more, or shopping less, we’re sure most of us are considering a number of resolutions for this new year that will bring about a better version of all of us. So why not include a number of resolutions to be better parents this year? While we can’t promise to be the perfect parents, we can surely improve on a few things.

So come on co-parents. This 2017, let us resolve to:

  1. Live in the real world
parenting resolution
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Yes, everything’s gone digital these days, but why not be a better model for our kids by not being constantly on our phones, tablets, or computers. Doing so can also help them to be less dependent on technology.

  1. Keep the conversation going
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Most kids can talk a number of words per minute, or ask a hundred questions per hour, but why not take a couple of minutes to understand and answer. Good communication will result to a better family life, and hey, your kids will be confident speakers and listeners too.

  1. Explore and eat healthy
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Eating healthy does not stop with eating your veggies, it can also mean exploring a wide variety of food as well. Trying out new fruits, vegetables, or dishes with your kids once a week is a great way to start.

  1. Never stop learning
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Most jobs value ongoing education, so why stop learning for your most important job of all – being parents? Read parenting books, visit parenting blogs, or even talk to other parents. You just might be surprised how helpful hacks and tips from other parents can be.

  1. Take more kiddie shots
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Snapshots that is. Take more photos of your kids. Kids grow so fast that you’ll be glad that you’ve documented (almost) every moment. Do note that for older kids, this might mean the opposite. If your kids are getting sick of the camera, work on taking fewer, more meaningful photos.

  1. Be a bookworm
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Take your kid on an adventure, learn new things, explore different worlds – all of which can be done just by reading a book. Allot a reading time every day, start a book club with your kid – raising well-read kids will lead to lots of great conversations, and can also improve reading comprehension.

  1. Dedicate time for me-time
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Our kids can take up most of our time. Remember to take a day off. Being great parents start with us taking good care of ourselves – and that includes keeping our sanity intact.

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