This Guy Builds a Loving Home with Senior Adopted Animals


Just look at everyone!

There are dog-persons, and there are cat-persons. And then there are people like Steve Greig. He has everything – dogs, cats, a pig, a rabbit, and some chickens. What do they have in common? Most of these animals were adopted as seniors, and Steve gave them all a loving home.

Steve’s home for old pets started when he lost his beloved miniature Pinscher Wolfgang four years ago. Since then, he rescues the “oldest and least adoptable” dogs or animals from the local shelter as tribute. He hopes to inspire other animal and pet lovers to consider adopting homeless animals – especially those who are old or disabled. To see more of Steve and his mishmash yet loving home for animals, watch the video below or visit him on Instagram.


I spent a lot of time reading this weekend. In the prior post I asked people to write about their rescue stories and the comment section turned into a short story goldmine. Some stories are short and to the point. Some are full of incredible detail. There are odes to pets that have died and there are love letters to pets that are still living. There are horrible stories with gut wrenching pasts but that thankfully end happily. Some people sound like they may write for a living and then they are others, not as eloquent, but somehow just as compelling. It seems when people talk or write about things they hate the language more often than not becomes crude, inflammatory and ugly. But get people to write about their child, their parent, their spouse, their pet, anything that they truly love, and a higher power intervenes that delivers authentic beauty. So many different writing styles that somehow blend together perfectly in an extremely pleasing rhythm, each one enhancing the other. If you have some time I encourage you to read some of those stores as I still am. I can guarantee you it will be better than what you are reading in the news. #rescuereading

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How do you get them all to pose for pictures? I must have been asked this 1000 times. I wish I had a magical answer but I just taught them normal sit/stay commands and then I take the picture. They always seem to know what we are doing when I have the camera out and each one of them picked it up very quickly after coming to live here. It’s pretty much that simple. (Except for Bikini, but you know….. she’s more “complicated”. 😊 I’ll do a video part 2 for that). So I set up my phone to record a post I’m doing for a rescue group this Thursday and you can see how easily it goes. This was the first and only take. #teachingolddogsnewtricks ONE MORE IMPORTANT NOTE: Princess, the senior chihuahua I posted from @maxfund a little over a week ago has been adopted! That’s 2 for 2. Two seniors without any prospects at the shelter are now in wonderful homes. Thanks to everyone that helped share Princess’s pic and thanks to @carazoe23 for rescuing her. You can check out her account for some recent Princess (renamed Lucy) photos.

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We saved the best for last… Watch how he takes them all for a walk! LOL Great video on next page…

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