This Guy Goes Undercover to Save Hundreds of Dogs

MArc Ching
Photo Credit: The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation Facebook

Kudos to this guy for saving hundreds of dogs.

Meet Marc Ching.

Marc Ching
Photo Credit: The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation Facebook

Marc runs PetStaurant – a holistic pet food shop, and a local animal shelter. He also frequently visits different parts of Asia – not for vacation or sightseeing, but he goes on these trips just to rescue dogs out of the underground meat trade.

Back in 2011, Marc started the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation with the main goal of helping abused and abandoned dogs find new homes and providing them another chance for a better life. It is a nonprofit organization whose foremost objective is to save as many animals as they possibly can.

This might be the reason why when Marc learned of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival last 2015, he had to do something. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is a yearly event held in a small city in the People’s Republic of China, wherein countless dogs are killed and cooked for people’s consumption.


“The abuse and humanity is so brutal out there that it doesn’t compare to anything here in America,” Marc said.

When Marc saw the festival firsthand, he knew he couldn’t possible leave the animals to that fate. So since then, he has gone to Asia more than six times. Marc pretends to be a wealthy American businessman who’s interested in dog meat, tricking slaughterhouses into providing him with live dogs so he can “sample the product.” Marc and his team then secure the dogs, smuggle them back to America, and provide the animals with the medical attention and love that they need.

Currently, Marc and the Animal Hope and Wellness organization are fighting to end Asian countries’ brutal practice of first torturing the dogs before slaughtering them for meat – as some countries believe that dog meat tastes better and could provide health benefits this way.

“This trade is built upon the belief that if you torture and abuse the animal, it makes the meat taste better,” Marc said.

Help Marc and his foundation save more dogs. Learn what you can do to help here or share this to highlight the dogs’ plight.

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