Homeless Dog Found a Family and Now Dines Out All the Time

Popeye the foodie

That is one cute dog.

It might be hard to believe considering how cute he is, but Popeye was homeless. Before his human Ivy Diep found him, Popeye was a starving stray that doesn’t know where he’ll get his next meal.

“I found him as a stray. He was such a mess – super skinny, heavily matted, dirty,” Ivy said.

This is Popeye.



And while she wasn’t looking for another pet at that time, she just couldn’t leave him in the streets. So she gave him a home and he found a family. Family obviously agreed with Popeye and it wasn’t long after when Ivy and her friend realized how cute he is. And there’s another thing about him – Popeye is really good with food. He doesn’t lunge or grab it, and according to Ivy, just nibbles at things that are safe for him. So Ivy decided to set up Popeye with his very own Instagram account – where she documents their food adventures. Just check out how adorable Popeye is with all that yummy food.

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