Horrible Video Of A Terrified Dog Was Claimed To Be “Falsely Edited”!


Photo and video content from the TMZLive and Daily Mail.
A viral video of a German Shepherd sparked criticism from netizens all over he world!

This video is actually a shoot for the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” and it shows a distressed dog as a crew forces him to jump into turbulent waters onset.

The video was so horrible that PETA asked everyone to boycott the film because of animal cruelty to Hercules the German Shepherd.



If you haven’t watched the video, watch it here.

However, just this morning, Birds and Animals Unlimited, the company that provided the movie with the dog gave a statement to Daily Mail about the viral video.

‘Last week a falsely edited video was released to the media. It portrayed a dog being forced into a pool against its will… no such thing ever occurred,’

‘The shot that Hercules performed began with his jumping from the end of the pool into the water as he’d been conditioned to do, then swimming out to a stunt actor and pulling her to safety.

‘After many successful takes throughout the day, a request was made to have Hercules perform the same behavior, but changing the point from which he was to enter the pool. 

‘As the camera started rolling, the trainer in the water began to call the dog. It quickly became apparent that Hercules did not want to enter the pool from this location.


‘After less that one minute of Hercules insisting on getting back to his original starting point, this plan was abandoned and he was brought to the end of the pool from which he’d been conditioned to enter, and he did so happily.’ 

In spite of this statement and independent investigation by The America Humane Association is still being carried out. And the crew members could technically be criminally charged if the investigators found a breach of animal protection laws.

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