Keanu Reeves’ Untold Story will Make you Realize Something About Life


Keanu Reeves is one of the most famous people in Hollywood. He first became famous in his successful movie, The Matrix.

But not everyone knows what he’s been through.

He was left by his father at the young age of three. They tried to keep in touch but eventually failed because they moved to different cities a lot.

And probably one of the things that we don’t know about this amazing actor is that he once suffered dyslexia and attended different high schools that made it more difficult for him to continue his studies. He ended up not getting a diploma.

Years after, his close friend River Phoenix died because of a drug overdose.


In 1998 he met the love of his life Jennifer Syme and eventually, she got pregnant with their first baby.

But the baby was born stillborn. This cost him their relationship. Not long after, Jennifer Syme died in a car accident.

Although he has earned enough money to be as fancy as the other Hollywood celebrities, he still chose a simple and more fulfilling life.

This $100 million man still rides the subway and even lets a woman take his seat.

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Keanu Reeves showed us that no matter how hard life pushes you down, you can always get back up. Not as a proud person but as a better person.

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