Last Unadopted, Disabled Dog Finds a Loving Home

Photo Credit: Arizona Humane Society Facebook

All animals deserve love.

Last Black Friday, while everyone was busy shopping to their heart’s content, a number of animal shelters also waived their adoption fees during the same weekend to encourage people to rescue and adopt pets.

That was a good weekend for the Arizona Humane Society – they placed an incredible 313 pets in new homes this year. Unfortunately, the 314th dog, Brian was not one of them.

This is Brian. He’s a 5-year-old, partial blind German Shepherd. Everyone at the shelter knew that Brian would be more difficult to place compared to the others – as is the case for most pets with disabilities. But seeing Brian all alone in the shelter was still heartbreaking all the same.

After a few posts and shares in social media under the #314 campaign, Brian found his family – Patti Mooers and her husband adopted him. The Mooers were fans of German Shepherds and even had experience caring for disabled dogs, as their last one used a wheelchair when he could no longer use his rear legs.


Patti said that Brian’s settling into his new home and, “He’s smelling everything. He bumps into a few things but he seems real content.”

Truly, every pet deserves a loving home, especially disabled ones. Patti urged pet lovers to consider adopting and caring for disabled pets, saying, “Just go meet them and see if it’s a good fit. They have so much love to give and they deserve a good home.”

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