Life Hacks From Instagram That Will Blow Your Mind!


Photo content from Buzzfeed.

With the rising number of Instagram users, this social media platform has also given us the best Life hacks that will blow your mind!

Use these hacks and thank us later!

Here are a few of these amazing hacks.

  1. Put paper towels at the top of your lettuce for it to soak moisture. This will make the lettuce crispier for a longer period!

  1. For a butter that is too frozen to spread, place a warm glass on it and it will soften up in after 1-2 minutes!

  1. Put your pancake mix in a ketchup bottle to avoid the mess.

  1. Instead of make water ice cubes for your iced coffee, replace the water with coffee so you can still drink a tasty coffee after the ice cubes are melted down.

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