This Is The List Of Foods That You Shouldn’t Put In The Freezer!


It has always been a habit of my family to put almost every food in the freezer in an attempt to keep them from spoiling.

But this list right here changed my mind about everything that I believed about foods and freezer.

See it for yourself!

Here are the foods that you should not put in the freezer:


  1. Potatoes

This tip from Playbuzz says that raw potatoes tend to go black when placed in a freezer.

This is because of their high water content.

Instead of putting them inside your freezer, try storing them in a cool dark place for the best quality!



  1. Breadcrumbs

If you’re just like me who always has excess breadcrumbs after cooking her heart out in the kitchen, then you should know this!

It isn’t advisable to put your extra breadcrumbs in the freezer because this will soften them.

So always try to use a fresh one every time you fry your food.


  1. Hot food

This is for families like my family who always has leftovers!


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