The Little Girl Who Is Not Too Young To Save a Life



Being a 3 year old usually means that everyone’s at least 3 feet taller than you, and it will make you fear everything from creepy crawlies like spiders, to animals like dogs.

But this little girl proved that she’s not too small to make a brave decision to save her mom.

The little girl is named Sofia and she’s from Essex United Kingdom. Her mother has a rare heart condition which left her in charge when the emergency happened.

Sofia was trained by her mom on what to do if ever she is left with an emergency.


The brave little girl immediately called 999, which is the emergency hotline in Britain when she saw her mother lying on the floor. And although our hero is feeling scared, she still remained calm for her mom.

Here is a short clip of how Sofia saved her mom!

Video content from NowThis.

Sofia’s bravery earned her a “Bravery Certificate” which was awarded to her by the police for her fast thinking and being responsible at a very young age.


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