This Mad Scientist Makes Science Look So Awesome Again!


Video content from colinfurze YouTube channel.

You will not believe what this scientist makes in his garage. Are you ready for it?!

Meet Colin Furze, the internet’s most adorable scientist. And he can make you the coolest inventions. Like a hover bike, a jet powered go kart, or as simple as a Toaster knife.

Colin has been posting his videos on YouTube for a decade now and he recently became an internet sensation for these unusual inventions.

And here are a few of them!

  1. Magneto Shoes

This is one of his favorite inventions since it was cheaper to make and it will allow you to walk upside down!

  1. Jet Bicycle

According Colin, this one is the most dangerous thing he ever made in his career.

  1. X-Men Wolverine Fully Automatic claws

If you want to experience Wolverine’s powers, this is the invention for you!

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