Make Your Life Easier And Party Like An Adult With This How-to Guide!


*sigh*, time flies when we’re having the time of our lives. Can you feel the holiday season coming so fast? Can you hear that clock ticking as every second slips away from our hands?

But most importantly, can you hear another year approaching and you inevitably aging another year again?


Adulting, as much as it has its bad sides, also comes with some really good privileges. Like being able to come home late at night without your parents nagging you about it or even throwing an awesome party minus the puberty crowd or the bad tasting boozers.

Here are a few hacks for when you’ll be throwing your very own grown up parties!

  1. Think of a really cool theme!

Your theme can be anything fun and adventurous like a board game theme where guests can bring their own board games and have little competitions. This will definitely give your party a smooth aura!

  1. Send out your invitations.

Think of a really simple yet captivating. You can send them in envelopes or emails to avoid the hassle!

  1. Plan out the food!

A party is never complete without the food! Appetizers would be really great because they would be easier to eat but you really have to make lots of them just in case your guests might be a little hungry.

  1. Stock up on a good playlist.

Show off your music taste and impress everyone. This will also help with lightening up the mood for your party.

  1. Make awesome DIY decors!

Your guest will definitely look at every detail in your house, so you might want to make some DIY cork coasters or washi tape votives to make your space have that extra fun feeling!

For more of this party-hack click Buzzfeed’s story here.

Now that everything’s set, LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!

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