This Man Will Make You Say “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”


We’ve often judged people with the way they look. Because we are a very visual being that sometimes, the only thing that we focus on is the outward appearance of the people around us.

But this musician will prove you wrong with everything that you might think of him when you first see him.

Watch this video to be amazed!

Video content from Caesar Charles’ Facebook.


The star of this viral video is James Harman. And at the age of 17, he was scouted by a professor from Juilliard which is the most prestigious school for musicians. But the lack for support made him give up this opportunity and instead, pursue his dreams in Norfolk State University.

James had a hard childhood as he spent most of them in a Foster Care System. But his circumstances never stopped him from dreaming and keeping his ambitions alive.

James is now a professional Multi-instrumentalist who is living his dream while inspiring people throughout the world.

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