This Model Was Bullied And Now Everyone’s Jealous Of Her!


2016 is ending but the “eyebrows on fleek” trend that everyone wanted to have is not yet saying goodbye!

From celebrities to ordinary women, everyone wanted to achieve the perfect eyebrows that will show their strong attitude.

Natalia Castellar, a 17-year old Puerto Rican, is now going viral on social media because of her story.

Natalia was bullied because of her eyebrows when she was younger. She grew up in Virginia and when things got really terrible, she was ready to shave them down.


But thanks to her supportive family, she got through the tough times.

Her sister started posting photos of her in a photography blog that gave way for Natalia to have fans!

She’s now currently signed by Next Models and has done a projects with NARS and Mansur Gavriel.

The rising model admitted that she had self esteem issues but is now loving what she has.

Her bushy eyebrows are now her trademark!

Imagine having fabulous eyebrows and earning a lot because of that, her bullies must be really jealous right now!

She encourages women to start embracing the body that they have and that we all have our own differences.

And that makes us special!

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