This Mum Writes A Touching Letter That Will Make You Understand Autism


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Being a mom is a challenge for everyone and sometimes it just gets harder when people around you attacks your child.

This mum just made an open letter to the people who cruelly judged her little son with autism.

Learn her story and read on!

Nicole Duggan, a 27-year-old mom from Cork took to Facebook to speak up for her child who can’t.


She says in her blog that people often stare at her son in the supermarket and even lost his friends because of moms judging the little boy.

Nicole decided to speak up through an open letter on Facebook to make everyone understand autism.

In an interview with FEMAIL, she says that a lot of people started to disappear when her son Riley was diagnosed of autism last 2016.

Even though Riley couldn’t understand what is going on, it hurts Nicole to see how other moms reacted to his son’s condition.

According to Nicole, Riley is non-verbal and they are now teaching him sign language which greatly helped the family to understand what he wants to say.

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