A Mystery Boy’s Letter to His Dead Father will Make You Sad


Ten days before Christmas, and this sad Christmas letter is going viral in social media. Try holding on your sobs because it’s about to get really sad. [masshare]

30 year old Stuart McColl found the letter behind the Balmule House four star hotel.

McColl said that he first saw the balloon attached to the letter and even thought that it was litter at first. But he was surprised to see what was written in the paper and it never left his mind.

He went back to his house and couldn’t stop thinking about the sad letter which was addressed to the mystery boy’s late father. Mr. McColl said that the letter was just too sad and tragic to ignore so he posted a picture of the note on Facebook hoping that someone would be able to help him find the boy.

This kind man even made it his dream to find and help the boy as much as he can.


Netizens are now promising to support his charity work and a lot of them are volunteering to give the items listed on the boy’s wish list.

You can read the touching letter below.

Photo content from DailyMail.

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