The New Trends That Will Make You An Instant Head-Turner!


With the massive influence of social media to fashion and beauty trends, it’s hard to figure out which one of these new styles are still going to be famous and trendy this 2017. If you want to know the list that will make you a head-turner this year, then read on!

Rock the new year with these beauty trends!


  1. Braided Top Knots

This easy to do yet edgy and elegant hair style is the new hair style that ladies should look out for this year!


Don’t be afraid to experiment with this hairstyle because it will definitely add a twist in your usual top knot bun.

Look for how-tos in Pinterest and YouTube!


  1. Chrome Nails

The mirror finish of this bad boy is to die for!

Even Gigi Hadid couldn’t resist this beauty when she wore one at the Met Gala. And it’s not cheap.


  1. Cut Crease

This one’s for my fellow make up addicts!


The Cut Crease Technique has been going on for a while now and has recently taken over YouTube make up vlogs!

This cute and sassy look will surely make you the star of night!

See the perfect coloring technique on next page!

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