These Photos Will Make You Want to Give a Pet to Your Kid

Kids Pets
Photo credits: ModernMummyUK and ChickInBoots Instagram accounts

You’ll want pets for your kids as well even if you’re allergic.

A few days ago, my 3-year old daughter asked me if she could have a pet. I asked her what pet does she want and she answered, “cat.” I then told her that I’m allergic and that I’ll get sick. To which she answered, “Okay, you can stay away then.” It’s funny, and although I was a bit hurt that a cat could so easily take my place in my toddler’s heart, I think I might just consider getting her a pet in spite of my allergies when I saw these adorable photos of kids with their pets.

Seriously though 💘💘💘💘 • • • #mabelmeatball #catsofinstagram #kidsandpets #tabbypoint #livecolorfully

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What do you mean this isn’t the menu? #kidsandpets #menu #chickens #throwbackthursdays

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‘Aidan, who made this mess?’ ‘I don’t know mom. Maybe dogs…’. #kids #kidsanddogs #kidsandpets #mess #funnykids

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