Revenge Has Never Been This Sweet For A Heartbroken Girl!


Photo content by The Daily Mail.

Betsy Ayala is 34, lives in Houston Texas, and one heart broken girl.

Apparently, her husband just cheated on her and was calling her “fat” behind her back.

This mother with a six month-old daughter was undeniably overweight. Weighing 262lbs after her pregnancy, she admits that she was bullied before because of her weight.


She was struggling with her diet at age 13 but still, she was always the “chubby” girl.

Betsy said in an interview: ‘After I had my daughter I was the heaviest I had ever been.

‘My 14 year relationship was very strained and I was in a very severe postpartum depression and anxiety.

‘I couldn’t sleep and I had no desire to function at all but I had a newborn so it was a very difficult time.’

This tough mom tried using Herbalife shakes back in 2013 but the biggest push that she received was when she discovered her ex-husband’s Facebook messages with his mistress calling her a “cow” and a “fat f**k” behind her back.

According to Betsy, her husband even told her that she looked fine and encouraged her to eat more junk foods back then.

After realizing this, Betsy vowed that this tragedy should not define her.

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