These Santa Photo Fails are Proof that Kids are Always Adorable

Santa Fail

We love Santa’s smile every time.

Santa’s out once more everywhere! They’re ready to take kiddos into their laps and smile to the camera for that perfect Christmas photo. Of course, you’re excited to capture this and post in social media for all the world to see. But what if the little one is not as excited, nor happy about it? You get these Santa photo fails that aren’t any less adorable. Need proof? Here you go 🙂

Really tho, it never gets old. Love that Ruby Lee 👊🏼👊🏼 #santafail #mykidpunchedsanta #rubylovessanta

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At least fake a smile, it is Christmas after all. #santafail #storytimewithsanta

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You’re not Santa! You smell like beef and cheese 🎅🏻👎🏻 #namethatmovie #wheresthesmilesanta #santafail

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Maggie loves Santa 😍

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