This Special Needs Boy Has The Most Caring Classmates Ever!


While bullying is very rampant in High schools, this school just made a difference after their video has gone viral on social media while giving a special gift to their special needs classmate.

J.R. is a special needs boy who is studying in Somerset High School and who was always wearing shoes that were three sizes shorter than his actual size, got a very special Christmas surprise from his beloved classmates.

But when his friend Salvador Solis discovered this, he felt sad about it and decided to help J.R. in any way he could by also asking some of his friends if they could help raise money to buy him a new pair of shoes.

His friends Roger Villegas and Martin Ramos also tried to ask other people if they would be willing to donate funds for the cause. And as soon as people heard about it, they immediately helped the trio.

The three of them managed to raise enough money to buy not just one pair, but two pairs of Nikes that were even in J.R.’s favorite color.


This is probably one of the best examples of how a school community should be.

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